Game Boy Color Replacement LCD Module

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This module is a drop in replacement for the Game Boy Color LCD with a minimal amount of case modification required.

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This module is a drop in replacement for the Game Boy Color LCD with a minimal amount of case modification required.


  • 4x integer pixel scaling.
  • LED-backlit Transreflective 2.2″ TFT LCD “Daylight Visible”
  • 8 Brightness Levels adjustable by holding select and pressing up / down.
  • Includes LCD, LCD interface board, and flat flex cable.
  • Brightness control wiring is optional.
  • All modifications can be made with simple hand tools.
  • Recommended batteries are NIMH 1900mAH providing 3 hours of run time.



Thank you Colin of This Does Not Compute for your detailed review.


Thank you to David of The 8-Bit Guy for your review / installation video.


Thank you Jelly Belly Customs for your review of power usage.




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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

7 reviews for Game Boy Color Replacement LCD Module

  1. r.heaslip (verified owner)

    This Game Boy Color screen is amazing! The optional soldering for the 8 level brightness was totally worth it. Playing this at night or during the day is made easy with the different levels of luminosity. The only downside was that using a wall plug (without batteries) turns the system off; however, using standard AA batteries or a rechargeable lipo work fine and make this small issue negligible. Thanks for your wonderful product. I will be buying more of these in the future. Cheers!
    Rich H.

  2. z3razerviper (verified owner)

    I love how it looks. I wish was as larger so it was the same size original screen but even being a little smaller its a HUGE improvement.

  3. natalienixt (verified owner)

    Works and looks great. Must have for any Gameboy Color.

  4. james.montemagno (verified owner)

    This LCD Module is absolutely fantastic. Spent a night with a buddy with a soldering iron and the right tools and within two hours we have everything finished. Using the 3D printed cutout was a huge help to cut away the plastic which was the hardest part as it a lot actually. Besides that the instructions line were excellent and walked through every part of soldering the tiny little wires on to the game boy color system.

    Once installed and putting the system back together it turned on and was brilliant! The colors, scaling, and settings using Select+Up/Down are spot on. I have started to re-invest in my Game Boy Color collection all due to MWE! Thank you so much and can’t wait to talk about it on our podcast Nintendo Dispatch

  5. brentsilk (verified owner)

    I knew this was going to be good so I bought two! I’m not the best at installing things or soldering but this one was really easy to do so even the someone with nearly no experience could get this working just fine I’m pretty sure! Anyways the result is fantastic. It looks extremely modern… pretty much no motion blur. No screen tearing. I’ve never seen a better looking Gameboy, including the Gameboy advance… this just is the way for me to play Gameboy games from now on. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of backlighting their Gameboy… you will not be disappointed.

  6. johste.93 (verified owner)

    You should know that the contrast is poor when viewing dark colors strait on or above center.

    I though my unit was faulty, but according to support:
    “The LCD’s are 12 o’clock displays that are designed to be viewed from below and that is why you see a degradation of contrast when viewing strait on or above center.”

    I wish I new before I purchased.

    • Nick Graber

      We would like to note that this LCD is the same LCD that is used in all current GBC screen mods as it is the best available display at this time.

  7. emen3y (verified owner)

    hello i am very happy with the product it would be perfect if the screen would remember the set brightnes after power cycle. thats why it only gets 4 stars

    here is a video of me cutting the shell with an monstrous tool:

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